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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sex crime, and they have been actively pursuing this for nine years. >> the victim is grateful that we stayed in touch with her regularly over the course of nine years. neverromised her he'd give up and we wouldn't expect less from him. so i think it's fair to say she is grateful. >> it is possible for matthew to face charges here before facing they recently announced a for the link to the 2005 disappearance of morgan harrington. prosecutors said not charged matthew in that case, major developments in the jesse
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matthew, junior cases. >> as those charges were on word onthey come if the human remains are those of hannah graham. postthe police command with the very latest on the investigation there. >> this is walnut creek park area. not far from where the remains were found over the weekend by a search team. this is an area where jesse matthew once lived. continues.c test >> surrounded by farms, hills, and dense woods where remains were found they could be those of hannah graham.
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>> they never have anything like that here. >> investigators are looking for clues in the area which is about 12 miles from downtown charlottesville. charged with the induction of hannah graham. the area is five miles from the remains found in 2010. she is the 20-year-old virginia inh student that disappeared 2009. there are signs of love and prayer.
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>> we have seen the worst unfortunately. >> it has been that way since this case began. they are not commenting on this investigation. live in charlottesville, abc 7 news. >> even as these new charges against jesse matthew are brought to light, and the new details. >> video from a robbery. it ended with the clerk being , doing everything the robber asked. this video is graphic.
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we are live outside a gas station with what happened. the search is on for this armed robber and shooting suspect. immigrant and his english is limited and the shooting may extend from a communication breakdown. alexandria police got a call around 11:30 p.m., a robber shot a clerk during a holdup. surveillance video reveals what went down inside this castration. you see a man shrouded in a gray hoodie that comes of the clerk from the side, pulls a gun. the clerk hands over the key to the cash register, the suspect loads up on money than bolts for the door. apparently intent on a quick geway but in his haste, something went wrong. >> he couldn't open it and thought he was locked in and trapped. that's when he got desperate and came back around and shot the cashier. >> the clerk is seen motioning in telling the robber to pull, not bush on the door.
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but convinced the clerk is tracked them, the man returns. you see the shot and the clerk rumbled to the ground. it's very disturbing. >> he immigrated to the u.s. seven years ago and his family recently alive -- arrived. the robber apparently did not understand the pull, not push. in moments, the suspect got away. it the incident left others worried. >> he was able to call 911 and is in an area hospital tonight in stable condition.
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>> the only person charged to , he is a deadly attack facing 18 criminal cous related to the 2012 attacks that left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. could face thee death penalty. attorneys say there is no evidence tying into the attack. a chilly start to the day, the sunshine warm things up in a hurry. war changes on the way outside. doug hill is here. >> partly cloudy and breezy. all developing ahead of a cold front. and wees coming right up
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drop from the 60's into the 50's. doppler radar shows the rain to the west making slow progress to eastbound. that timeframe will see a few showers and we will see the pattern with this front. there will be chances of showers. thursday drop in temperatures overnight, and the possibility of scattered showers. developments in ebola for america, the quarantined lifted for 33 people isolated because with thomastact duncan. among them, his fiancee. as for the nurses, nina pham remains in isolation and amber is listed in stable condition
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and has hired an attorney to defend her reputation. >> she did nothing wrong. it was a mistake that caused her problems and panic in our community. contacteople that had including airline passengers are watching for symptoms. a health care workers are on watchlist for symptoms until november 2. despite three confirmed cases of the deadly virus, it continues to cause anxiety for millions of americans. anxiety is the driving force behind a town hall on the issue today. we are alive with what drove the conversation. >> what drove the conversation were two words. ebola and fear. from thee public hear experts that say to calm down.
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>> the virus is not transmitted by air but fear is. seem to agree it's important for the public to know about ebola but no need to panic. only two people have been affected in the united states. theurses that treated library and that arrived with the disease and later died. taking carehem were of the desperately ill patient. barring calls for people, the panel agreed it might make matters worse. he would discourage nonessential travel. from a radiotions audience and alive question. the tourists said it is a big concern in israel as well. this disease everywhere, especially in africa.
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>> westerns about the condition of the nurse that was flown for treatment. they said she is fair. comfortable, stable, and interacting with staff and interacting with staff in a very positive way. very easysly is not to have a young woman who is 26 years old being cooped up in an isolation issue. they talked about media interpretation. the dallas hospital listed her condition as good but they'll got more conservative and listed it as fair. the media reported her condition had worsened but it had not changed at all. walk her to the cameras a healthy woman. -- he is looking forward to the day where he can walk her to the cameras a healthy woman. be theimore will soon epicenter for the rush to create a vaccine.
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the school of medicine will start human trial on a vaccine next month. involve two dozen volunteers. they are testing the same vaccine in the country of mali right now. still ahead, a look at the virus health officials say you should be more worried about then ebola. millionsrning for about defective airbags in their car. this is not just limited to one car company. >> one of the most famous religious settings in the world. >> and the man whose home was crushed when this plane came toppling down. all of it caught on camera. losingcal community about a thousand jobs. what has local officials upset is the
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>> the company that built a metro silver line is bringing hundreds of jobs to that area. but it's coming at the cost of frederick maryland where the company deck tell is based. is sparkingthe move
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frustration and anger. >> the news hit frederick like a ton of bricks. no one is happy. not the politicians. >> it's a big sector of jobs. >> and not merchants. >> it's a concern, the company leaving. >> a global engineering and project management firm that built much of the news over line. the frederick division employs 1100 people but as a result of a mostlobal reorganization, of those jobs are moving to western virginia. owner fears what it will mean to her business. >> we have had networking events with them and it is a concern. >> elizabeth cromwell is president of the chamber of commerce. >> we are obviously not happy they are leaving but we are working with all the partners in the community to replace them.
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>> they nearly pulled out in 2011 but stayed after the state gave the company and $9.5 million grant to keep those jobs here through 2018. so far, taxpayers of forked at about $4 million in the state wants bechtold the payback 3 million. a republican says the incentive was a mistake. very unfortunate. it maryland has to change. the environment is terrible. how much you pay somebody, they still won't stay. >> it will go into effect january 1 when jobs will begin. a spokesperson is told state officials that they will stand by their agreement and that means paying back the millions in incentives. >> video shows the moment a crane falls onto its side. see the operator narrowly escaping as the crane starts to ted.
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it happened this weekend and as it fell, the crane took the truck it was attached to down with it. the crane landed on a home, three vehicles and an rv parks nearby. it started to lean and then it moved pretty quick. the doors open and pop them open. >> the words used to hearing in winter. nor'easter. >> a figurative term right now. develops,ike when it it will be to the north. long island and coastal new england.
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>> the temperatures just down river, those of been kind of dusty and they will continue tonight. all those developing ahead of a cold front. the southerly wind at a pretty good speed. 56 in detroit, indianapolis and charleston the lower 60's and upper 50's but the cooler air will get here. we need a mechanism to change the wind around.
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it's coming our way. here comes the cold front. the rain now moving through columbus and heading to the southeast into the eastern sections of ohio. the front itself isn't the big story. the big story is what happens along the front once the cooler winds push east. the computer models agree the area of low pressure will develop and become a nor'easter. the indications will not only be but we will see ourselves doing with gusty wind and a pretty nasty day. this is the first batch of showers through winchester. keep that in mind with scattered showers. the clouds roll right back in.
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that is how fast it is moving and how strong it will be to showers in thewn late-night and overnight hours. as we head to the day tomorrow, becoming cloudy with the wind out of the west. tomorrow night and thursday, the wind goes to the north and we begin -- become rather uncomfortable. and we get through thursday. thursday can go either way and stay cloudy. friday looks like a much better day. we will give you details on the weekend. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the middle to upper 60's for the weekend and it looks as though the weekend is going to just happened to coincide with what we think is going to be the fall colors on the trees. everything should work out just right.
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there are still a lot of questions about this coastal storm. >> we will see what happens. >> coming up, while bringing only taking issue to the governor hasn't gotten this marine off the hook. theetro riders could face billion dollar plan to ease the rush hour crunch. >> and what you need to know about a massive recall. it may impact millions of cars made by half a dozen different companies. >> and a look at what is coming up tonight in prime time on abc seven.
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a a consumer alert but potential safety problem. so far, owners of the affected cars have not gotten -- we are in the newsroom with what drivers need to know. is based in japan and makes airbags for a wide variety of cars. the recall affects the front air bags 4.7 million vehicles. chrysler, ford, honda, nissan, toyota, and more. the national highway traffic safety administration received notice from those carmakers that
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they are conducting limited regional recalls to address airbags. it is concerns that they could rupture when exposed to hot or humid conditions over long perio ds of time. some say they could improperly deploy and blast shrapnel into the occupants. the recall campaign affects 247,000 toyota vehicles alone. .com for makes and models of the affected vehicles. one of the most religious settings in the world can apparently be rented out providing it is for the right cause. a charity art event. the art for charity project, it an event that includes a concert and an after-hours tour.
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the vatican insists the chapel wasn't rented because it hopes to host future corporate and charity events there. it's got to be for charity. the t-mobile sistine chapel? we will see. 5:00, up on abc 7 news at a remarkable effort to free a woman trapped in a chimney. in usual reason she was there in the first place. -- metro says what riders will get for a whopping price tag. william county elementary school prompting
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>> the hunt for an accused killer prompted security changes at two prince william county schools. >> it started when the suspect's car was found outside t. clay wood elementary school and a short time later the suspect's body was found nearby. we'll go live to bristow tonight for the story. diane? >> we are back in the neighborhood where this all started and where the victim lived. throughout the day we've seen neighbors stopping by leaving flowers outside of her home. tonight we talked to a neighbor who tried to save her and said he was just doing what he hopes
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anyone else would have done in the same situation. >> i was talking to jessica telling her that she needed to live. she needed to live for her children. >> a day after witnessing the shooting, it's still hard for milt sharp to fight back the emotions. >> it was just overwhelming. verage early sunday morning he was getting ready to leave for a business trip when he saw the victim 31-year-old jessica wilson and her boyfriend edward hale jr. talking in the car. initially he didn't think anything of it until he says he saw hale choking her and yelled out, what's going on? then he says wilson yelled back to call the police, that the suspect had a knife and a gun. >> whilehe was on the ground and said, ed, don't do this, and he shot her. >> he says the suspect eventually drove off and he immediately went to help, performing c.p.r. >> i just kept talking to her, making her feel that things weren't as bad as what they really looked like. >> despite his efforts, wilson was later pronounced dead on
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monday around 8:20 a staff member noticed hale's car behind t. clay wood elementary school. students were diverted to another school and the neighboring high school was also secured so authorities could search the property. just a few hours later, a helicopter pilot noticed a body on the baseball field at the school. police confirmed it was hale. now as the family tries to pick up the pieces, two children try to figure out how to go on without their mother, sharp is now left with a painful memory forever ingrained in his mind. >> you feel the emotion kind of coming up. it's tough. i don't think that anyone should have to experience that. >> neighbors say they heard the couple arguing in the past and that police were out here at the home the week before. police tell us the victim got an emergency protective order out on the suspect earlier this month but never followed up on that. they also tell us it appears hale suffered from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. in bristow, diane cho, abc #
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news. >> thank you. now time for a look at today's other top stories. a grand jury has indicted jesse matthew for attempted capital murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault in fairfax county. prosecutors say matthew attacked a 26-year-old woman on germantown road back in 2005. matthew is the suspect in the disappearance of uva student hannah graham. investigators say evidence also links him to the 2009 kidnapping and murder of morgan harrington. >> in the meantime, tests are under way to determine if remains found in albemarle county over the weekend are those of hannah graham. investigators were back at the scene today looking for evidence. graham was last seen more than a month ago. >> police are looking for the person who shot a gas station clerk last night. it happened around 11:30 in the 700 block of north washington street in alexandria. the clerk was shot in the torso but is expected to survive. >> well, tonight metro says it has a plan to help ease the rush hour crush but it won't come cheap. the price tag? about $1.4 billion.
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suzanne kennedy is live outside the metro station with what that money would buy. suzanne? >> well, it is about this time of day you can see people here at the tinley town metro station and all the others getting off the trains, coming up escalators many with disgruntled looks on their faces because they've been in extremely crowded cars. now metro thinks it may have a solution but it won't come cheaply. >> it gets pretty crazy. >> this is a regular metro rider familiar with the commuter crush. >> when it's rush hour, it's madness. a lot of times there are not enough trains. it gets pretty rough. >> metro says it is looking for a fix in the form of a $1.4 billion shot in the arm. that money would in part pay for 220 new cars. >> it is not just about buying the additional rail cars but
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also you have to expand the yard capacity and build new storage -- maintenance facilities as well as upgrading the power systems to allow for more a-car trains. >> if put in place, they would operate during the peak times of 5:30 to 9:00 30 a.m. and 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. metro says the three local jurisdictions need to step up with money quickly, before june, 2015. that's when an opportunity to buy the trains at what metro calls a favorable price, expires. this woman says her trains on her commute from oxon hill to rock are always over crowded. this morning was no exception. >> we were just crammed on the platform waiting there 15 minutes for the next train. rush hour time. then when the train comes there may or may not be enough room for you to squish in. it's ridiculous. >> metro says if it doesn't take advantage of this purchasing opportunity we'll have to start the procedure
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back at square one and, it says, that will have a negative impact on the rail system. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> all right. we'll go from the rails to the roads. time for a check on the traffic situation. we'll go to the wtop traffic center. >> some problems in the district this afternoon. traffic signals on 14th street just north of the southeast-southwest freeway and south of independence avenue at "c" street are dark, jammed all the way from thomas circle on 14th street and all connecting roads to 14th street are affected and southbound south capitol street is quite heavy out to the douglas bridge. somebody stopped there. around the beltway, just volume delays on this monday afternoon. sun not a factor with the overcast skies on 66 but still slow most of the way from vienna headed out toward centreville. i-95 southbound from dale boulevard headed south, just volume delays. let's see how we look on 270 right now. near montgomery village, on 270
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north, a lot of volume headed out to clarksburg and 395 south from the pentagon. there you'll slow down. there is 270. quite slow. 395 as well from the pentagon most of the way down to landmark with all lanes open. that's the way it looks. >> okay, bob. thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 the nation mobilizes a response to ebola. there is a warning about a virus that kills thousands of americans every year. >> plus a possible serial killer caught in indiana. the one arrest that broke open a half dozen cases. >> first, though, here is a look at what's coming up on "world news tonight." >> the major headline a new and urgent warning tonight. is your car one of them? the federal government is saying more than 20 million cars now, do they have air bags with risk of exploding? we'll have the makes and models and get to the bottom of this as well. authorities say they discovered a serial killer. seven women they say so far. monica lewinsky and what she
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revealed today. we haven't heard this before. and what we learned about the peyton manning moment. is there more to it than meets the eye? the big reveal right after abc
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>> in connection with a missing persons case in indiana has led to a series of gruesome discoveries and now authorities are trying to determine if they are dealing with a serial killer. >> 19-year-old africa hardy was found strangled to death at this motel 6 in hammond, indiana. police say 43-year-old gary resident darren van who is in custody confessed to killing her but allegedly also claimed to authorities he has been killing in indiana for years. >> it could go back as far as 20 years based on some statements we have. >> authorities say van, a registered sex offender in texas, solicited women on chicago back page which is like craigslist but with an adult services section. police say hardy was in a prostitution ring advertised on back page and had an arranged meeting with van. investigators tracked van down through his cell phone. they say he confessed not only to hardy's murder but many more. >> it was like a domino effect. >> van allegedly led police to six more female bodies in abandoned homes including
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35-year-old anita jones who was reported missing october 8th by her family. on facebook, hammond mayor tomas mcdermott jr. called van an admitted serial killer who he says admitted to a couple of homicides in hammond in 1994 or 1995 and hammond police indicated there could be more names and bodies to come. >> his level of cooperation in the things he has told us would indicate possible other victims could surface. >> meanwhile, the mayor of gary says the city is looking through its list of missing people to see if there is anyone that might fit the profile of van's alleged victims. for abc 7 news, los angeles. >> after 11 years of abuse at the hands of her kidnapper you'd expect michelle knight to be angry or perhaps resentful. instead, the 33-year-old ohio woman says she is at peace. >> to forgive that person for all the wrongdoing that they for the people who didn't look for me i
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forgive them too because it wasn't their fault >> knight and two other women escaped from castro's home in cleveland last year. he pleaded guilty to dozens of charges before committing suicide in prison. knight published a best selling book "finding me" and is now an advocate for abused women. , ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00 a marine killed action. only on 7 tonight. why this retired marine was ticketed and what earned him a fine on top of the original ticket. >> amidst all the talk of ebola a lot of doctors are saying get your flu shot. i'm sam ford.
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>> there is a warning tonight from the nation's leading health experts and it's not about ebola but about the flu. d.c. bureau chief sam ford reports on the virus that kills thousands of americans every year. >> have you had a flu shot before? >> at d.c.'s immunization clinic it was a busy day as usual getting young people their shots including a school required flu shot. >> it just hurts >> it hurts. a lot. like a bee stinging.
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>> despite all the talk of ebola these days, health experts including those who took part in wtop radio's town hall meeting on ebola say the risk from flu should be of more concern. >> the risk to them, to the average person from ebola as frightening a virus as that is, is much less. >> actually getting sick from the flu is far more likely and by washing your hands, getting influenza vaccine, you'll reduce not only the chance you'll get sick but the pressure on the health care system. >> d.c.'s health director has said repeatedly that with 40,000 people a year dying of the flu, ebola is not america's biggest problem. as for what a precocious middle schooler getting his flu shot thinks about ebola -- >> it's creepy. i'm scared. i'm just too scared to watch the documentary of ebola because it is so scary. >> in northwest washington, i'm am ford, abc 7 news. >> a 7 on your side health alert for people who suffer from night time heart burn and
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acid reflux. researchers found relief could be as simple as sleeping on your side and getting a new pillow. this is video from the cleveland clinic where the search was conducted. their study found people who used a special pillow for just two weeks reported help with symptoms. it is designed to keep your body on your left side which researchers say reduces the amount of food and acid that enters your esophagus. >> now a montgomery county council member wants to shut down the practice. the council member has drafted a proposal to ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores. a pet industry advisory group calls the proposal an over reaction. >> a virginia woman is the irst to put the commonwealth's new law to the test. 28-year-old rachel craig is accused of posting a nude photo of another woman to facebook. the photo had been sent to the victim's boyfriend. craig now faces a misdemeanor charge.
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under the new law it is illegal to distribute sexually explicit images of others without the person's permission. the law went into effect july first. wait until you hear this. a california woman is missing -- a california home is missing its chimney tonight after firefighters dismantled it to free a woman trapped inside. , i just hear this calling help! ah! >> after firefighters rescued the woman, police arrested her. officers say she was trying to break into the home. that house belongs to her former boyfriend. they had to use dish soap to get her out. >> incredible story. coming up at 6:00 the case builds against jesse matthew. live coverage of the investigation happening now in charlottesville and the new charges filed against matthew here in our area. for the first time in 40 years, changes to the national mall. what it will look like and when tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> in the meantime, some
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changes in the forecast. let's check in with doug hill now who also hasew information on the severe weather that hit our area last wednesday. what's up, doug? >> last wednesday afternoon, just after the 12:00 news a tornado warning hit fairfax county. we'll get you up to date and find out today the national weather service sent a survey team and it was confirmed a tornado went through bell haven. a lot of trees down. remember the story of the gentleman that had the tree limb come through his car, barely missed him? that was the storm. investigators say it was 55 to 65-mile-per-hour winds, the lowest in tornado scale you can have, ef-0 but it was in fact a tornado and it quickly dissipated once the storm moved a little bit to the north and northeast. if you live in that area, yep, you had a tornado last wednesday. here, we have a very pleasant day on this monday. 63 in alexandria now. it is very quiet at bell haven country club. 63 in manassas. 65 downtown washington. 61 germantown. high clouds moving in.
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pollen count, moderate range mold spore today. as far as the other numbers go, more in the 60's across the area right now. the rain is off to the west. in fact, the steadier, heavier showers now continue just along the blue ridge and i-81 corridor. the blue ridge. that will continue to be the focus this evening. later tonight some of the showers will spread over the entire area, pushed ahead of the cold front. there is another batch moving across eastern and southeastern ohio. the most important part about the whole story about this cold front is what will happen along the cold front late tomorrow and wednesday as the front clears the area, a strong area of low pressure expected to develop and could in turn into a very big east coast storm. but all the projections are the worst effects will be further north of our area, northern jiu-jitsu, southern long island, and all the way up the new england coast line. we'll be the recipients of clouds and showers, chilly temperatures, gusty winds wednesday and probably thursday
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as well. we'll call for a breezy day tomorrow developing. in the 60's with occasional showers. some areas might even get sunshine in the morning. but definitely breezy and cool. look wednesday only in the mid 50's. thursday is an optimistic forecast. the -- we could stay breezey and rainy on thursday. friday, saturday, and sunday look spectacular. we'll talk about that weekend forecast again coming up at the top of the hour. back to you. >> so, colt or kirk? >> controversy. >> or r.g. iii: the redskins win over the titan yesterday and it certainly helps the psyche of the team. as the redskins prepare for the cowboys and demarco murray they have to do it without their franchise player. rac is out for the season with a torn pec muscle and needs surgery. the big story today is the redskins quarterback position. here is the very, very latest. >> i don't want to get too emotional.
5:52 pm
but it's been a journey. >> colt mccoy the nfl journeyman got the chance to resurrect his career on sunday. the question now is, will he indeed start next monday at dallas? >> right now we'll move forward with colt. we're going to -- i'd like to make the decision as soon as i can. >> jay gruden says he is sticking with mccoy but there is a massive asterisk and he wears number 10. >> can you rule him out for monday's game? >> no. i can't rule him out. you know, he still has a long way to go. >> robert griffin iii has been out since fracturing his ankle in week two. now just six weeks later might rg iii be ready to return in primetime against the rival no less snveragets robert has to be honest with himself and how he is feeling. ultimately, can he cut without pain? can he run without pain? is he full speed? is it sturdy enough? does he feel like it is? does he play good with the brace on? there are still a lot of issues that go into making him a starter or seeing if he is ready or not. a lot of those are out of my hands.
5:53 pm
he'll have to make those decisions and the trainers. >> only in washington can there be a three way quarterback controversy. last week's starter kirk cousins is out. the franchise quarterback is waiting in the wings but for how long? and for now, the job belongs to the former backup to the backup. >> i said, hey. this is great. but let's make sure this carries us forward. get some momentum. >> so there you have it. colt mccoy unless rg iii comes back. as you heard jay gruden say, he's got a long way to go. >> we'll see if rg iii can make it back any time soon. >> he wants to play. it would be best after the bye
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>> a retired marine's gesture to honor a marine killed in combat ended up costing him a hefty fine. >> it all comes back to a massive procession and a phone booth. we'll go to the newsroom with the story you'll only see on 7.
5:57 pm
horace holmes? >> he says he received first a $9 ticket for running through the toll plaza bay bridge. he wasn't the only one in the detail escorting the fallen soldier's body who was ticketed but he disputed it and then was slapped with a $50 fine for missing the deadline to pay the ticket. he says all he was trying to do was honor a fellow fallen marine staff sergeant david stewart of virginia killed in afghanistan >> i know what being a marine is about. i have a brother who is. >> when stewart's body was going to delaware airforce base he volunteered to be part of the motorcycle detail to escort his body back home. >> it was an honor for me to do this and make sure his family received him in an honorable way back home. >> a retired marine who was part of the u.s. force that led to the fall of baghdad in 2003, he didn't know that honorable gesture would lead him into a long battle with the maryland transportation authority.
5:58 pm
>> someone asked one of the officers about tolls and he said i can't imagine them giving us a toll. we're not going to stop. >> several days later he says he and many of the other cyclists caught on camera were slapped with a ticket for not paying the toll. he says he wrote letters and sent e-mails to the maryland transportation authority explaining he was part of the detail escorting sergeant stewart's body. he included this letter from the stafford sheriff's department confirming that fact. >> for what we were doing, it's sad. >> he then wrote the governor's office and received this letter back from the head of the transportation authority, saying he was responding on behalf of the governor. >> please note unless arrangement is made with the transportation authority in advance of the event the customer is still liable for the toll. >> the maryland transportation authority did cancel that $50 fine he was given for missing the deadline to pay the ticket but the original $9 violation was upheld because the authority claims arrangements for the escort to pass through state tolls were not made ahead
5:59 pm
of time. he says he is not happy but paid the ticket last week. from the newsroom, horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> all right. horace, thank you. that'll do it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now with breaking news on new local charges against jesse matthew. >> breaking news and new charges filed against jesse matthew. tonight prosecutors indict matthew in connection with a 2005 sex assault in our area. matthew, who is allegedly involved in the disappearance of uva student hannah graham is now also charged with abduction and rape. this in connection with an alleged attack in fairfax city nine years ago. we have live team coverage about this new development from charlottesville to fairfax and we begin tonight live in fairfax county at police headquarters. jay? >> another major development in
6:00 pm
a series of attacks, disappearances, and deaths that could all be linked here in the commonwealth. a short time ago authorities announced indictments leveled against 32-year-old jesse matthew jr. including attempted capital murder, abduction, and sex assault. now, according to police reports, back in september of 2005 a 26-year-old woman was carrying groceries home one night around 10:00. she was attacked a short distance from here off germantown road near a giant, dragged into a wooded area, beaten and sexually assaulted. she managed to survive and get help. the suspect fled. authorities believe jesse matthew jr. is that suspect. they've issued -- they will issue a bench warrant for him on thursday. he could be back here in fairfax as early as next week. authorities say due to the gravity of this case it will take some time to play out. >> i've learned the hard way over the past 30 years that this is just the first step and


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